Using WHIP with Millicast

To summarize, WHIP standardizes the signaling for WebRTC, and all you need to do is implement this simple WHIP client javascript module on your own client or server:

Once that has been implemented, the only thing you need to stream is to specify the WHIP url and token you get from the Millicast dashboard in your Millicast account:

Just replace the values of ${streamName} and {$token} with the ones you find in the Millicast dashboard for your publishing token.

You can then watch the stream with the web viewer that is provisioned in the dashboard for that stream.

See screenshot of the Millicast Dashboard below with those references:


If you don't want to use the dashboard UI, you can also provision the stream name, publishing token and playback URL programmatically with our API:

Here are some WHIP resources to find out more:

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.

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